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Interested in living a healthy, hydrated, alkaline lifestyle? Aging gracefully? What about the quality and purity of the water you drink? Or keeping our oceans and waterways clear of plastic trash? Ways to ensure access to clean water for everyone on the planet?

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“AlkaViva is the leader in providing technology that delivers the cleanest, healthiest water possible from your tap!”
-Bill Drevyanko, AZ

Water Quality

With all the news about contaminants in water, how can you trust what you’re drinking? What’s in your water? How can YOU Take Back Your Tap? Read more

Water Technology

What’s the big deal with home water ionizers? How do AlkaViva ionizers and UltraWater filtration differ from the brand known as Kangen Water™? Read more

Molecular Hydrogen

Hydration & Health

Raise your hydration IQ! Why is hydrogen (H2) in water getting such attention? Do you know how much even mild dehydration can impact us? Read more


Eco-friendly products coupled with a company and distributors who stand for helping people having access to clean water. Transform yourself with the cleanest and healthiest water. Read more

“Without clean, healthy water, optimal health is not possible. We are about the transformative and healing power of water. Awakening the world to the magic of water is our mission.” ~Jay Hare, CEO, AlkaViva

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