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AlkaViva Advantage Series “Tech Talks”

Best-Technology_BLOGThe following are links to the audio recordings of our AlkaViva Advantage Series “Tech Talk” conference calls. We cover information on the cutting edge power delivery, electrode technology, cleaning systems, UltraWater filtration systems, comparisons to the competition, and more.

Ionizer Technology 
Cleaning System
AlkaViva Ionizer Cleaning Systems
How To Sell The Peace Of Mind Of Our Industry-Leading Cleaning Systems
Ionizer Cleaning Systems

Electrodes and Power Delivery
4-Part Electrode Series
The Case of the Missing Transformer
SMPS? Transformer? What’s in that Ionizer?
Electrodes – Mesh vs. Solid – Understanding the Difference
Is Bigger Really Better?

Acidic and Alkaline Water
Why You Don’t Need Saline to Make Strong Acid Water That Kills Bacteria 
Understanding pH and ORP

Filtration Technology
The AlkaViva Advantage – UltraWater Filtration 
Filtration Technology 
How to Sell UltraWater / AlkaViva Sales Techniques
UltraRAD Filter 

Products and Warranty/Service
Warranty, Tech Support & Warranty Repair…A Powerful Sales Tool!
Ionizer Warranties, Tech Services & Warranty Repair – Saline & Acid Water 

Sales and Marketing, Competition
How to Overcome Deliberate Misrepresentation of Our Product
Educate Your Prospect to PROVE AlkaViva Beats the Competition!
Selling UltraWater Filtration