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AlkaViva Dealer Sales Success Tips

Picture1While reading Joe Girard’s book, “How to Sell Anything to Anybody”, dealer Cindy Burson decided to apply his advice. Telling the people that you buy things from, about the products that you sell, she decided, is a good way to get new prospects and share her AlkaViva Business.  So, when next in contact with the business that sells Cindy her well water drilling kits, Cindy decided to put the above into practice.

Cindy talked about AlkaViva’s electric ionizers with the wife of the water drilling company. It turned out that as Cindy was sharing the good news about UltraWater filtration, the wife said they have a Melody that is no longer used because they don’t know how to get new filters. She missed her ionized water and was so happy to hear that Cindy could help her out. Of course, one thing led to another and she explained about a trip they were planning on taking. Cindy decided to tell her about the Perfect Pitcher and the Ultra pHresh Shower Filter.  As Cindy and the well water driller’s wife were looking through products on the website, she spied the new double faucet and determined it would solve another problem…they could put the Melody under their sink! What an exciting evening!

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