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Are You At Risk From Radioactive Particles in Your Water?

UltraRAD Symbol“In late June of 2011, a debate was raging between the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). It concerned the dramatic rise in radioactivity across the United States public drinking water system. Up until the Fukushima Catastrophe, the upward allowable dose in the public water supplies was 4 millirems per year. Now that the United States has received significant fallout from Fukushima Catastrophe, the EPA is unable to protect the United States public water supply other than to simply raise the permissible limits of radiation to 500 millirems per year! What part of the scientifically established fact that, “There is no known safe level of radiation” does the EPA not understand?”

Dr. John W. Apsley, II, MD(E), ND, DC

Fukushima Meltdown & Modern Radiation: Protecting Ourselves and Our Future Generations

Since the EPA has raised the acceptable limit on radioactivity in your drinking water, there’s really no way to know if your tap water contains high levels of radioactive particles. Levels that would have raised a red flag prior to 2011 are now OK … but that doesn’t mean they are any less harmful than they were before Fukushima occurred.

Fortunately, we have a solution. AlkaViva’s UltraRAD filter has been designed to reduce iodine-131, cesium-137, radium-226 and strontium-90 – the four major radioactive particles that can be in your tap water.

More information on the new filtration system is available here.

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