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Spotlight on AlkaViva Dealer Bill Drevyanko

Water Class Chico3 - Mike-Bill - 2-7-14

Bill Drevyanko (left) with Mike Petrucelli (right) doing a water demo.

When you call Bill and his Verizon phone looks for him, you hear a song that goes, “Got my toes in the water, a** in the sand, not a worry in the world, cold beer in my hand…”

That is Bill Drevyanko to the core.  But, don’t let the song fool you. Bill’s greatest desire is to help those around him have a great lifestyle and he works hard to accomplish just that.

A speaker, consultant, trainer and radio show host, popular with audiences large and small, Bill is known for changing peoples’ lives. And changing our lives, he is!

His style is powerfully motivational and he easily moves you from any bad habit into visualizing, feeling and actually realizing your goals and dreams. Bill truly cares about the well-being of everyone with whom he comes into contact. More than that, Bill is passionate about AlkaViva and passionate about your personal success.

“There’s never been a better business opportunity where you can help others with their health and well-being while, at the same time, earn an income that many people only dream of.”

As a sales trainer, Bill’s main goal is to help others solve problems and achieve their goals with the aid of personal coaching, mentoring, systems training and mind-set reprogramming. He is the published author of the book: BREAKING THROUGH THE “NO” BARRIER and numerous articles in publications throughout the United States.

Bill is a world-class martial artist with multiple black belts to his credit. Memberships have included the U.S. Judo team, the Pan Am Judo team, and Bill also served as an alternate on the United States Olympic Judo team. As a participant in the early days of mixed martial arts, Bill was a personal bodyguard to celebrities, corporate executives and noted people with high net-worth.

Bill’s dedication and passion to inspire health, vitality, financial freedom and contribute positively to our world is not only clearly visible…it is the source of his success and what motivates him to help you reach the success goals of your dreams.

Join him soon…toes in the water…

Toes In Water Ringtone



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  1. I love your ringtone song Bill!! You have been an incredible source of inspiration,strength, knowledge and a true model of what “commitment” means. I am thrilled you have the Leadership role in AlkaViva that you do. We truly need you especially those of us who have committed to reaching PBP by the end of 2014. God bless you abundantly forever!! Janice

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