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Spotlight on AlkaViva Dealer Cindy Burson

Cindy Burson - 1-16-14Cindy originally joined AlkaViva in March of 2013 and quickly started “telling everyone about the water”. This resulted in a solid business with several ionizer sales in just a few short months. 

Cindy, who owned and managed a natural food business that started in 1978, comes from family of chiropractors and organic farmers.  Healthy food is all she’s ever known! Living in Texas for more than 30 years, Cindy traveled around the country looking at organic farms, food processes, and good, healthy food. She checked out the water in several states, read all sorts of books about water and did her own additional research (including visiting AlkaViva headquarters in Reno) to find out about the health benefits of alkaline ionized water.

Not only has she tested water all over the United States, she personally went to Vilcabamba, Ecuador to test the water there.

Her philosophy about health revolves around an understanding that every 7 years we essentially get a new body and that this second right now is the next second in the health of our bodies. Cindy says she has always known that you are what you eat and, if you eat junk, your body will be built out of junk. Emphatically Cindy states, “I would rather manage my health than manage a disease! You can eat all the organic food you want and drink what you believe are good bottled drinks, But it is not likely you will get well if you’re drinking polluted water.”

When asked about how she stays successful in this business, Cindy said it is because of her ability to talk to people who really love water, natural health and nutrition. She loves to share the message with everyone she comes into contact with. And those who avail themselves of the opportunity to invest in an ionizer love it. Cindy continually hears positive feedback from customers about getting healthier and happier!

Not too surprising is the fact that Cindy’s favorite pastime is cooking healthy foods and she is developing recipes for a planned cookbook.  A mystery book buff, Cindy’s favorites (in addition to enjoying a good Agatha Christie novel), are from the Rex Stout’s 1930s series featuring armchair detective, Nero Wolfe.

I asked Cindy what advice she would give to someone starting out with AlkaViva and here’s what she had to say. “The one thing is you just need to do is talk about water to everybody. If they have a bottle of water in their hand, move the conversation to one about water. Find out if people have seen the movie, “Tapped”. (Watch the movie trailer at the official website:

If you truly want to build your business and change the world by providing the cleanest, healthiest water available to everyone, you have to bring up water every time you talk to somebody. And then you will build your business!


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