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Spotlight on AlkaViva Dealer Gavin Dickinson

me july 2011This week, we’d like to introduce to you Gavin Dickinson. Gavin has been a part of AlkaViva since it first began. He was instrumental in the behind-the-scenes operational development that happened even before the official launch of Ionways. In total, Gavin has been working in the ionizer industry for 11 years.  Since then, he has not only worked in the corporate office, but has also been very influential in the field, as his knowledge of water ionizer technology and alkaline, ionized water is vast.

Before he started drinking alkaline ionized water, Gavin struggled with arthritis in his right hand. A few weeks after Gavin began to drink the water, he noticed complete relief from the arthritis along with more energy! Gavin is passionate about helping others experience the amazing effects of AlkaViva water. “Helping people find a product that gives them relief from the chronic conditions many suffer from today feels good. It’s wonderful to have a job that’s about helping others! With 90 out of 100 people in this country still not aware of our product, we have lots of work still to do!

As a top player in the field, Gavin knows the value behind good Customer Service.  When asked how he rates AlkaViva Customer Service, his response was, “Excellent! Our CSRs continuously get the highest acclamation and those in Tech Support do everything they can to get situations resolved.”

Behind every solid company is good leadership and management. Gavin has great respect and love for AlkaViva owners Jay Hare and David Forsyth – he considers them personal friends and has great respect for their business ethics. “They don’t consider a business deal successful unless everyone is happy. They treat others with respect and are committed to transparent and ethical business practices.”

Gavin believes the success of any company is contingent upon its integrity. “I don’t know very many companies who have the goal of 100% integrity and in my opinion AlkaViva is successful in part because of this. Commitment to being of service to others is another very important part of business in my opinion, and the level of service AlkaViva provides reflects that, especially the accessibility of management to the field.”

“These last 11 years have been the best eleven years of my life both personally and professionally. I’ve seen so many wonderful things happen for people who start drinking our water, and I think I am the luckiest guy in the world to be able to represent AlkaViva!”

  1. Gavin it is always special when you are on our training calls because you are a wealth of knowledge and an excellent communicator. You have a unique way of breaking down technical jargon into bit size pieces that all of us can understand. Also….your smile lights up this page!! Thank you for helping all of us as you do. Blessings, Janice

  2. Gavin, you are the reason that I am selling water ionizers successfully. I know if I call you with a question that I will get THE answer fast. You have been an amazing resource and a really, really nice person to boot, wise in many ways. I am grateful for you willingness to help and your great energy! Thank you, Gavin! Bryn

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