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Spotlight on AlkaViva Dealer Karen Kean

DSCN6419Karen Kean, has been with AlkaViva for about eight years.  She’s a great asset and is completely passionate about the water! When asked how she feels about it, she said, “I’m in love with it! I’m an ‘aquaholic!'” Karen feels strongly that alkaline, ionized water has changed her life. Not only did it help bring her memory back, but Karen says that people who haven’t seen her in awhile always say, “You look amazing!” Karen says that since drinking the water she has become more hydrated, which makes her feel and look healthier. She uses alkaline, ionized water as a simple way to introduce healthy lifestyle changes to others. “It turns the light on for what else they can do for their health. I’ve seen miracles all over the countryside and all over the world! Seeing people getting incredible results fills my heart with joy and inspires me to keep doing what I’m doing.”

“AlkaViva customer service is fantastic! Personally, I’ve been completely satisfied. They are well-trained, helpful, and polite people. The ownership of AlkaViva is fabulous. Jay is down-to-earth and real. He is just as passionate about the water as I am. Any organization will only be as good as those who are at the top; Jay is a walking, talking example of passion for the water and it flows all the way down.”

Karen knows the value of integrity within a company and she knows that AlkaViva not only cares about customer service and satisfaction, but also about taking care of its dealers. “How can we look after people who are doing the business?” is a constant question within the ranks of AlkaViva.

Karen has seen AlkaViva’s commitment to service first-hand in the development of the UltraWater filtration technology and also in its provision of multiple finance options enabling others the opportunity to afford an ionizer. Karen says that AlkaViva is constantly asking, “What else can we do to make ourselves better than who we are now?” The latest innovations take our business to a whole new exciting level. Sure there have been some bumps but I feel confident in the future.”

Karen is truly passionate about AlkaViva water and anyone who has been around her for a short period of time can testify to that! “The world is interested in talking about water and I’ve never had a product that’s more fun to talk about!”

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