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Spotlight on AlkaViva Dealer Joyce Bippus, Holistic Water Store

Joyce Bippus - Office ViewWhen you talk to Joyce, you can easily tell that her energy and enthusiasm are a good part of her recipe for success.


Joyce started in the water business several years ago after surviving cancer. Beginning with a competitive company, she said her house was known as “the water house” and she almost had to put up a banner out front. She had so many people coming and going getting water in the early days and that was how she began to build her business.

Water Class Chico3 - Mike-Bill - 2-7-14

Mike Petrucelli & Bill Drevyanko doing the Water Education Class at the Holistic Water Store on February 8, 2014.

As a personal trainer and nutritionist with a degree in biology and biological science, Joyce has been aware of the effect that healthy food has on the body for years. The part that she believes most people overlook is the effect that clean, healthy water has on the body as well. Joyce says, “When you’re getting ionized water, if it’s not clean, it’s even worse because of the way it gets into your body.” This is how she ended up at AlkaViva.

Not really looking for a change, she answered an ad on ebay from a dealer who was selling his old competitive machine. She had never met Mike but knew his reputation and was surprised to hear that he’d changed companies…at first. As Mike began to tell Joyce all about AlkaViva and the UltraWater filtration story, she became really interested. Mike went into his back office, downloaded the Silver State Lab Test report on UltraWater and emailed it to Joyce. She says that when she saw the science, it “blew her mind”!

She asked Mike about price points, talked to him about the warranty (again…blown away), and when he told her about the insides of the ionizers and how clean and pristine they remained after years of use, she said she was really interested. Joyce decided to do some research.  She looked up AlkaViva, called the corporate office and talked to some of us here, and then, after taking only one day to think about it, she called Mike back and said, “Ok…what do I have to do?”

The first thing Joyce did was print up copies of the EPA-approved lab test and the first three people she showed it to bought the machine. She called Mike and said, “I’m really in.” She knew Mike and his work ethic and knew that she would get the support she needed at AlkaViva. 

Joyce has really done her research on ionized water – especially the acid water over the years and is so pleased to be with AlkaViva. She says that she knew she was in trouble when, at the other company, she would call in for help and she knew more than they did about the water and the ionizers. Joyce was so convinced about AlkaViva, that she took a cut in pay to move over to our company. Although Joyce technically signed up in August 2013, she took some time to learn the product and the AlkaViva story and then, she really started working the business seriously in October.

Water Class Chico5 - 2-7-14

Attendees at Saturday’s Business Education Class

Her secret? First and foremost – she believes in the product because it is so powerful! Joyce tells everyone about the AlkaViva story and the water. She knows that it’s a numbers business and the more people she tells, the more will soon be drinking clean, healthy, alkaline, ionized water. Joyce tells us all the time how great our Technical Support guys are. She knows that they know more than she does about both the water and the ionizers and is confident that if there is a problem, given a bit of time and opportunity, they will find a solution.

Owner of The Holistic Water Store in Chico, California, Joyce sees the water store as an educational center. She uses the environment to talk to people about what they’re putting in their bodies – food and water. Joyce looks at water almost like a drug. It is either going to have a negative, neutral or positive effect on your body and then she cited and University of Michigan’s Healing Foods Pyramid – where the first one on that pyramid is water. (Click on the link to see the Healing Foods Pyramid – University of Michigan.)

Joyce uses what she learns in AlkaViva training programs to improve her skills and spends time coaching her downline to do the same.  “With AlkaViva what could be better? It doesn’t matter what job you do, everybody has the same playing field and it has a lot to do with what you do with the business, how you go forward. You don’t grow in this biz without helping your team grow and when you help others that’s how you gain.”

A big music fan, Joyce plays keyboards and she used to play in a band. Also a Beatles fan, Joyce is proud to own the same type of guitar that George  Harrison had. Loving to cook, Joyce went to Pasadena City College Culinary School. Knowing what she knows now, Joyce specializes in gluten-free and sugar-free, healthy food with an emphasis on a lot of healthy greens.

Joyce said, “I had a little fear going into something new with AlkaViva, but it didn’t take long. The first couple days, maybe a week was all it took.” Then Joyce switched gears realizing how powerful our product is to people. When she talks to them about the UltraWater story and the power of UltraWater filtration, her fear melted things away. “It’s what people want!”

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