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Spotlight on AlkaViva Dealer, Lavonne Vaughan

Lavonne at Health Fair

Don’t wait for prospects to contact you. Get their information on a Sign-Up Sheet and follow up with them.

“I came to AlkaViva through Divine Appointment”, says Dealer Lavonne Vaughan. “Certain occurrences take place during certain times and then it all comes together in a Big BAM!”

Lavonne’s “Big BAM” came while working for a competitor’s company where she was feeling disillusioned by a lack of ethics in the industry. Lavonne began looking for a company that had a higher standard – a company that she believed she could really stand behind and trust.

Lavonne traveled to Reno to “see for herself the quality of leadership and product at AlkaViva”. She found it and signed up on January 17th 2013 – and has never looked back.

In this past year, her personal experience has been that AlkaViva’s support team and staff have been a pleasure to work with. She believes it is nice to know that you have this level of support in the marketplace. Lavonne says, “You’re never going to have a problem-free life. So what you’re looking for are people that get real, keep it real, and are willing to get their hands dirty working right alongside of you to find a solution.”

Lavonne at Dinner

Notice the AlkaViva water bottle in the background.
Proof that Lavonne takes it with her everywhere!

When asked what she does to grow business, the first words out of Lavonne’s mouth are, “Exposure! Exposure! Exposure!” Tongue in cheek, Lavonne says, “Get off your rusty duffy and knock on doors”.

Which doors is Lavonne knocking on?

The first thing Lavonne does is carry the water with her everywhere. That way she can be spontaneous when the subject comes up. Enjoying travel, Lavonne and her husband logged over 4,000 miles this past summer. Lavonne says she did water demos in bathrooms, bars and health food stores all along the way!

At a bar in Maine, Lavonne struck up a conversation with the bartender who started telling her about his health issues. He said he’d looked at ionizers from a different company and they were just too expensive. Asking where she could set up her ionizer, the bartender said that the sink behind the bar was the only available place. So, Lavonne set up the ionizer and did a demo right on the spot. She was testing products from the bar’s stock and everyone at the bar was listening. They asked if she was decorating Easter eggs because of all of the different colors showing up in the water glasses. Lavonne says the whole experience was hilarious!  “Be spontaneous!”, she says and “be open to whatever comes your way!”

Hold meetings, give out water, and make sure that the people at the meetings get the full, rounded picture. Don’t just target health. Bring everything into perspective – the health benefits of the water, the politics of the environment – and what this can mean to your potential customers, their friends and their families.  Reach out and touch everyone in the audience.

Do whatever it takes to plug into your community. Find out about activities in your area. Google, have your team members put out feelers, attend networking events and meet people! And one of her biggest successes…Health fairs. There are a lot of them going on in communities and even many companies put them on now in an effort to provide preventive health care options to their employees. And, many of them are free.

Lavonne recommends that you keep a steady meeting going continuously. She calls her water education classes Water Wisdom Workshops and recommends that you set and keep a steady schedule – a set place and a time  – something that your customers can rely on, plug into, and bring their friends to. “Then”, says Lavonne, “you just branch out from there”.

The WHY for doing the AlkaViva business is very important to Lavonne. She believes that water is one of the foundational tools to change a person’s health.  “I’m an educator at heart and there is nothing more exciting to fuel my fire than to have the testimony that someone’s life has been changed by alkaline, ionized water and the work I do through my AlkaViva business”.

Lavonne’s point is, “If money is your motive, it’s an empty shell. You’re just chasing something that is empty. Once you find it and open it up you’re going to find it’s hollow. Your Why has to have substance beyond monetary value. It has to be beyond money alone. Then when your Why has more substance, the money chases you! And it actually finds you!”

With this kind of attitude, no wonder Lavonne Vaughan’s User Name is Viva Lavonne!

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  1. Well said Lavonne!!! I know your heart is 100% in everything you do, that’s why you are a success! Keep up the great work and I am looking forward to traveling all over Florida with you to do “Water Wisdom Workshops”.
    Congrats, you deserve it!

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