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Spotlight on AlkaViva Dealer Patricia Peak

Patricia PeakPatricia’s story is one that I found extremely enjoyable to follow. She was one of our first IonWay’s dealers, signing up in July of 2007 (when AlkaViva started as IonWays). Once Patricia came on board, she’s never looked back.

Always a proponent of natural health, Patricia had some issues that needed addressing with both her mother and her dog. A believer in prayer, Patricia’s answer came in the form of alkaline, ionized water.  Once she sourced the water at a local health food store, she noticed a difference…overnight! The other thing Patricia noticed was how expensive the water was and what a hassle it got to be to go day after day to fulfill her water needs. After months of health food store runs, a friend told her that they had just purchased an electric ionizer from IonWays. Patricia immediately joined the company as one of the founding members and ordered her ionizer.

Her formula from that point on for building her business has been rooted in her belief that the people she meets need to know about the benefits of alkaline ionized water. So, she started going back to the friends she’d been telling about her improvements from the health food store’s bottled water and began to educate them about the benefits of fresh alkaline ionized water, right from their own ionizer machines. Her business began to flourish.

In about a year’s time, Patricia closed her 20 year, successful interior design business and dedicated herself – full time – to building her water ionizer business. When IonWays changed it’s name to AlkaViva, Patricia became even more impressed with the additional products, even better filtration and terrific changes in the business plan. She believes that,  “AlkaViva is always looking ahead for us and at how to give us tools to educate the community and be the best of the best in the water industry – first with ionizers and now with the filtration. I am very grateful to David Forsyth and Jay Hare for their tireless efforts and caring leadership which have been consistent throughout and vital to the life of our company.”

Over the last seven years, with all of the water classes she has conducted and all of the water she has turned purple, Patricia has greatly appreciated the Silver State Lab testing results on the filtration. She says, “The testing absolutely puts to sleep the claims of other companies.” Patricia considers it a blessing that we have the proof that what we are saying is true. “We are leaps and bounds ahead of our competitors in the industry and we have science to back up our claims”, she says.

Patricia has also noted that over the years so many competitive dealers want to discuss the different plate technology and the advantages of one ionizer over another. She decided to put that objection to rest. “If all ionizers are equal, and they’re not, just our filtration alone is why someone would want to purchase our ionizers over anyone else’s. Particularly now with UltraWater”.

Patricia can’t say enough good about our Customer and Technical Support Departments. One of the best things about AlkaViva is the warranty and how we back up our customers purchases. She hears time after time from her team and customers that AlkaViva’s customer service and technical department are among the best they’ve ever experienced.

Patricia likes to give God credit. Seven years ago, she didn’t know what else to do. She prayed, then Googled and found out about the many health benefits of ionized alkaline water. Patricia loves hearing the testimonies back from people after they get their machines and finds that providing the cleanest, healthiest water is one of the most rewarding things in her life.

Patricia says, “we are truly making a difference, not only in people’s present, but their futures, and not only themselves, but their family members and friends as well”. Running her AlkaViva business is not only gratifying, but also financially rewarding.  Patricia believes her job is to educate people about the need to be alkaline and the numerous benefits of drinking their alkaline water fresh. Patricia tells her prospects that their job is to take the information and make the right decision with it so they can get their body back to how God designed it to be.


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