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Dealer Spotlight on Alexandra Theard

Harbin Hydration Station2 - 6-11-14 copy

Alexandra (on the left) at Harbin Hot Springs Hydration Station, powered with an AlkaViva Athena water ionizer.


Alexandra with her sponsor, Gavin Dickinson.

Alexandra with her sponsor, Gavin Dickinson.

Everything started for Alexandra Theard when this “wonderful man”, Gavin Dickinson, who ended up being her sponsor, put a Hydration Station into a local living foods cafe near her home. “I often went there to eat and noticed when the Athena showed up,” says Alexandra, “My husband, Brian and I started drinking the water and loved it and noticed an immediate difference.” Both Alexandra and Brian noticed better digestion immediately, more energy, the water tasted great and they had the feeling of being cleansed when drinking the water.

Brian and Alexandra already knew a lot about cleansing, so they were sensitive to the effects. Something they did notice in their cleansing retreats was that the one thing the teachers had left out was the inclusion of healthy water with hydrogen and negative ions. This was something the two of them decided they wanted to change.

With immediate increases in their energy level and improved alkaline balance in their bodies, they became very excited. Alexandra said, “When something works so well, you want to share it with others who need it in your community.”

Having an Hydration Station available where they could try the water made all the difference. With their health consciousness, you can bet there are others out there who are taking as good care of themselves as these two did and who still don’t know about this clean and healthy water.

Hydration Zone2Alexandra wants to underline the word access as a strategy for success in building this business. Purchasing an ionizer is not an overnight decision. It is something that takes time. She and Brian wanted to try the water 2 or 3 times and when they did, they noticed an immediate improvement in the way they felt, including the disappearance of a little acid reflux. They would go to the Hydration Zone with their water jugs on a regular basis to try out the water. Alexandra even put it in their grocery shopping routine – going to the store, stopping by for a water refill. Along with this routine came a certain point where Alexandra knew she would have to make a decision to buy an ionizer for her home. Filling the jugs was great for drinking the water, but Alexandra now knew she needed the convenience at home for cooking, washing vegetables, watering plants, drinking water and more. “Healthy water”, she stresses, “is fundamental in a person’s life.”

In 2009, Alexandra signed up and became an AlkaViva Dealer.

Familiar with direct sales in the past, Alexandra had affiliated other companies, but only to get the product discount. AlkaViva is the first company where she’s decided to build a business in direct sales as a representative/dealer. Alexandra said that the products, of course, come first, but she believes she lucked out going with a company that has a fair payment plan that rewards dealers for their work in sharing both the water and the ionizers.Alexandra Theard - YogaTree CorteMadera CA

With the primary focus to support people in learning how to care of themselves, Alexandra wants to touch as many people in her community as possible. The way she is doing this is through following the Hydration Station model since it worked so well for her originally. Giving people the opportunity to try alkaline ionized water without having to put out a large amount of money first is a really nice way for people to experience the value of the water.

Alexandra Theard -Brian - Zaaz1

Alexandra and her husband, Brian,
at the Zaaz Studio in San Rafael, CA

Duplicating the Hydration Station model, she early on established 2 Hydration Stations in Tiburon, 1 in Corte Madera, 1 in Larkspur Landing, 1 in downtown San Rafael and another in Marin.

Alexandra presents the idea to yoga studios, upscale exercise boutiques and natural food stores. Some of the owners have signed up to be dealers while others have decided that they want her to place their own brochures in their locations and do the selling. They are happy to sell the water as it brings an added revenue stream and becomes a draw for their client and customer base. One of the locations is making between $400-$600/month in water sales and, after having purchased the ionizer at retail, have regained their ionizer investment back in just a few short months.


Alexandra Theard Yoga Tree Corte Madera HZ

Alexandra at the Yoga Tree
Hydration Zone
Corte Madera, CA


Hydration Zone1

Hydration Zone at Living Foods Cafe
San Rafael, CA

Another terrific effect of having Hydration Stations is that everyone who works there has their own personal story about the water. At Good Earth, there about 15 employees who love the water. They all have access to the AlkaViva Athena and carry their glass jugs in to get them filled on a regular basis. One of the employees said recently that this is the only water he wants to drink now and even comes in on days off to fill up. When customers ask, “What’s the deal with this alkaline water? What’s so great about it?”, the employees can all speak from their own, personal stories.

It would be a smart move, Alexandra believes, to purchase an ionizer and loan it to various locations. This allows people to have the experience of the water, especially if it is a corporation. In the corporate arena, it is often a staff member making the decision to put in an ionizer. By having a loaner machine, the company can experience the consistent increase in revenue by selling the water over a 4-6 month period.  Alexandra also couples scheduled water classes at these Hydration Station locations and will frequently pop in to pass out glasses of water at the end of an exercise class, meeting, greeting and educating about what they’re drinking. By that point…between the increase in revenue and customers loving the water…it’s a “no brainer”.

Both Alexandra and Brian have a passion for bringing health and healing to the local community.  They both have a love for the great outdoors and meditative work. They take refuge from the busyness of life through the inner stillness of meditation. Embracing a living foods lifestyle and these 4 pillars of life, both she and Brian live by:

  1. Right Mindedness (which includes meditation)
  2. Exercise
  3. Healthy Water
  4. Living Foods
Good Earth Juice Bar 640x 480

Good Earth Hydration Zone

It is important to remember, Alexandra says, “In our own lives, the many times we needed to be introduced to something that was really valuable before we embraced it” – maybe 5, maybe 10 times”. She had first heard of the water when she was in her 20’s and living in Japan, but she didn’t embrace it. It took a decade for her to understand the value of alkaline, ionized water and bring the benefits into her life. Now Alexandra just wants to support others in sharing the benefits of the water.

Alexandra knows that as you share it, it truly has to do with the numbers. After hearing it a number of times, a potential customers will eventually say, “Oh…this is something that I want to try”.







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  1. What a lovely article, I am so happy to be associated with Alexandra and her wonderful work in the Bay Area!!!
    This is the best part of this business, all the incredible new friends I have made!

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