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San Francisco Bans Water Bottles

shutterstock_107186000It happened officially on March 4th! The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to bar the City by the Bay from purchasing plastic water bottles and distributing those smaller than 21 ounces on city property. And…it all starts with the first phase on October 1st!

Using the example of a bottle filled a quarter of the way full to illustrate how much oil is used in the production and transportation of plastic bottles, Board President David Chiu, asked those on the Board to “support and reduce and discourage single-use, single-serving plastic water bottles in San Francisco.” According to the Business Insider, bottled water production uses 17 million barrels of oil per year and requires triple the amount of water to make a bottle as it does to fill it. With this ban, San Francisco hopes to cut landfill waste of plastic water bottles down to zero by 2020.

Chiu noted, “for centuries, everybody managed to stay hydrated.” The Board of Supervisors hopes to make up for the lack of disposable plastic bottles with people either bringing their own bottles or accessing public water instead. With the lack of ability to access non-bottled water critical at many of San Francisco’s public events, the city will look at better ways to supply water at events and prioritizing the installation of water fountains and reusable bottle filling stations.

At this time, the ban excludes city marathons and other sporting events, but once everything is settled, who knows how creative supporters of our health and environment may become in adding these events to the bans as well.

We’re lucky as AlkaViva associates! We have SEVERAL alternatives for hydration available to us…no matter what city we’re in. First of all, many of us have actually packed up our ionizers and taken them with us when we’ve traveled. I, myself, have filled 2 gallon glass jugs and taken them with me into seminars when I’ve gone. Now…we’ve got the non-electric solutions – the Countertop which transports easily (filter in a baggie) and the Pitcher which can literally go anywhere in a suitcase in a car, on a train, on a plane. With my stainless steel drinking water bottles, I can fill up more than one if I need to go somewhere for a day. We’ve got the technology…we’ve got the solutions. Let’s share them – every city we’re in!

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