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Shining the Staff Spotlight on Alexanne Stone, Sales Training Consultant

Alexanne at Tahoe“I thought the only bad water was what came out of the tap and that anything that came in a bottle was totally healthy for your body”, says Alexanne when asked about her experience since drinking AlkaViva’s alkaline ionized water. “I definitely feel more hydrated, trust the cleanliness of the water, and have experienced the disappearance of reflux and many other issues since my employment started in December 2012.”

Alexanne Air Force

Airman Stone in 1973

Born and raised in Niagara Falls, New York, Alexanne never attended the same school for more than 2 years in a row until she moved to Newington, Connecticut in her freshman year of high school. It was there that she completed school and decided that the easiest way to get out of the snow would be to enlist.

Alexanne joined the Air Force (over any other branch) because it was the first door on the right of the recruiting office in Hartford, Connecticut. Alexanne was convinced that her ability to speak Spanish would give her the opportunity to move into linguistics with the Air Force and learn either Russian or Chinese (the controversial languages back then). However, “the Air Force promised me everything, gave me a typewriter and sent me to Guam!” While on Guam, Alexanne was awarded the Presidential Joint Commendation Medal for the work she did in the rescue of Vietnam refugees during the fall of Saigon in 1975.

Once her tenure with the Air Force was complete, Alexanne moved to California. Deciding to go into sales, Alexanne cut her teeth selling Apple computers in Silicon Valley. Always involved in high tech sales, Alexanne enjoyed the start-up phase of business and was involved in a lot of hot new products like wireless technology that transferred data at the rate of 56K when everyone else was still on dial up at 14K speeds. [Remember the days?] She sold handwriting technology for personal devices before it was recognized as anything useful – even before John Madden used it on the football plays on television. Alexanne was in charge of the first computerized tracking of statistics for the San Francisco 49ers during the heyday of Joe Montana and Jerry Rice Superbowl years. Through the next 20 years, Alexanne sold her way up the corporate ladder to become Vice President of Global Sales for a software firm in Santa Clara with some of the most prestigious clients that call Silicon Valley their headquarters.

A certified Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) trainer since 1991, Alexanne opened a school in San Jose where she trained and certified people from all walks of life in the linguistics of positive behavior, clinical hypnotherapy techniques, and the use of NLP to enhance one’s life in resolving past negative emotions, limiting decisions, beliefs and choices, and fears and phobias for everything from snakes to airplanes. During this time, Alexanne caught the acting bug and performed for over a year in the off-Broadway hit, Tony ‘n Tina’s Wedding in San Francisco’s Union Square. Active in print ads, movies, television and voice over art, Alexanne actually became the voice behind many company greetings, industrial films, and Internet training modules for companies throughout Silicon Valley during this same time.

When her parents grew ill, she relocated to Grand Rapids, Michigan to spend their final years together. There, as the director of a non-profit under the Department of Homeland Security and the Office of the Surgeon General specializing in emergency management, Alexanne coordinated a program that trained medical professionals in deployment response to emergencies like 9/11, Katrina, and school shootings. As part of the training, emergency managers would stage life-like exercises for every type of emergency fathomable and Alexanne learned the art of “Moulage” or what she likes to call “Blood, Guts & Gore Makeup”. Still a skill she uses around Halloween, Alexanne has taught the art for more than 10 years.


MezmerEyes – Colored Pencil 2013

Alexanne Skunk Petting

Petting Wild Skunks Through The Open Sliding Glass Door

Her passions includes drawing. A realist, Alexanne enjoys colored pencil and charcoal more than painting. Visit her website at to see more of her work including painting, photography, drawing and moulage. An avid knitter and crocheter, Alexanne stocks up completed projects throughout the year and sells them at craft fairs or donates them to a charity. Often called an “animal whisperer”, Alexanne always has pets – 3 cats and 2 fish right now. During her days in Silicon Valley, she rescued, rehabilitated, and re-homed abused and neglected parrots and has always held the dream of owning a sanctuary for these amazingly intelligent creatures.

Alexanne is no stranger to marketing. She started in Amway in the 1990’s and built her business to Silver in the days when distributors picked up and delivered their downline orders. Alexanne also enjoyed success in another company that distributed super blue green algae. This means that she knows what you go through and what you have to do to accomplish success with your AlkaViva business. It means that she can answer questions for you that go above and beyond simple product orders or where to locate something in your back office. She’s been out there practicing the “3-Foot Rule” and “Some Will…Some Won’t…So What…Next!” like you are doing now.

Marissa and Alexanne

Marissa and Alexanne – Partners in Marketing Crime and Friends for Life!



  1. Alexanne the first conversations I had with you in AlkaViva when I joined last year in April were so helpful and inspirational. You always went the extra 10 miles to help me. On a number of occasions you encouraged me to keep going and you absolutely gave me some golden nuggets on how to be successful as a Network Marketer. You have become a dearheart friend and I am happy Jay hired you at AlkaViva. My prayer for you is that you are blessed beyond your wildest dreams!!! Thank you from my heart. xoxo Janice Tumminia

  2. After Alexanne worked with 3 very difficult situations with us until all 3 were very happy we dubbed her “Queen of Customer Service”. Her interest in each of them being happy was tremendous and very much appreciated. There was never a question as to how the situations would come out. The only question was what would it take to get them taken care of. Thank you Alexanne.

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