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Shining the Staff Spotlight on Customer Support’s Jaimee Bannister

Jaimee and Jessica 2

Jaimee (on right) with her sister Jessica

AlkaViva is definitely a faJaimee Bannistermily atmosphere. And we keep discovering new and exciting things about the members of our family.

For example, Customer Service Rep, Jaimee Bannister has only 2 years left before she reaches her dream to teach Spanish at the high school level. Just when we thought we knew everyone who speaks Spanish here, Mario, Anselmo, Alex and Alexanne, we find out Jaimee speaks it too!

Jaimee joined AlkaViva part-time in May 2013. She’d been working at a casino restaurant (remember, this is Reno – a lot of casinos here) and she saw an ad on Craig’s List. She interviewed with several of us and we remember being excited about her spark of light, her enthusiasm, and her warm and friendly personality; just what we look for in our Customer Service department.

When Jaimee started here, she’d never heard about AlkaViva or ionized alkaline water. Of course she started drinking it immediately and has been drinking it ever since. Sharing it with friends and family, Jaimee notices that she feels hydrated more quickly now and enjoys the smoother texture of the AlkaViva water.

During the interview process, we stress that there is a lot to learn about the AlkaViva product line-up in addition to how to take and place orders, when to get someone over to Technical Support and Repairs, and a host of other procedures. Jaimee mastered all of it quickly and has even gotten her own following of customers who prefer to work exclusively with her.

We remember the day, where after a couple of weeks here, Jaimee got her first customer asking if she could work exclusively with her in the future. The customer needed to order filters and couldn’t remember where she’d gotten the ionizer. She’d called around and by the time she reached AlkaViva and Jaimee, she was pretty frustrated. Jaimee found her in the system, verified what she needed, and helped her place the order. The customer was so happy that she told Jaimee she didn’t want to work with anyone but her in the future.

Jaimee got a personal boost from that experience and now says that she enjoys helping people place orders and figure out issues that they may be having. One of the reasons she likes working at AlkaViva is because she believes she “can touch customers lives in a personal way that she wouldn’t be able to do in a huge company”. She says it feels good to even help with just getting the simple things like the right shipping cost or the right filter choice.

When asked what advice she would have for customers, Jaimee said, “Don’t be afraid to call us too many times because it is never a waste of our time. I would rather have you feel like you’ve gotten all the help you need, than to not have you call because you’re afraid you’re bugging us.”

Jaimee works at AlkaViva Monday – Friday and spends her weekend acting as a receptionist for a local realty company. As if her plate isn’t full with that, she also attends the University of Nevada Reno where she is on the path for certification to teach at the high school level. Jaimee really wants to impact the lives of teenagers and believes that she can make a difference by influencing them every day in teaching both English and Spanish.

Jaimee and Jessica

Jessica and Jaimee

Jaimee and her sister, Jessica are close and enjoy kayaking and hiking in the area. Although Jaimee doesn’t have a lot of time, she does enjoy writing, reading and she actually teaches cheer-leading in her spare time. Jaimee is  co-founder of a feminist group that meets once a month (through to raise community awareness on women’s rights that we face as a nation. You can check out her Facebook page at

You know, they say that dynamite comes in small packages.  Jaimee may stand small at 5’1″, but she carries herself with a lot of authority and is well on the way to making her mark in our world!

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