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Shining the Staff Spotlight on Customer Support’s Jessica Roberson

Jessica RobersonJessica Roberson has been with AlkaViva for over 2 years. She walked for an interview with AlkaViva and had absolutely no idea what she was walking into. (Although she had no idea, we knew almost immediately that we had a diamond in our midst!)

Coming from 5 years of customer service in a nationally known communications company, Jessica was used to handling unusual hours, unexpected situations, and customer complaints. Acting as lead supervisor, Jessica handled the escalated calls and has been accustomed to thinking on her feet and finding a solution for someone who believes they need that solution immediately. Just like those people in the movies who are tethered to headsets and roam the cubicles plugging into “let me speak to your supervisor” calls, Jessica did that and more. She was responsible for covering for floor supervisors when gone and juggled the roaming calls, people who came to her desk for help, and incoming calls all at the same time. And…it’s a good thing for us that she still enjoys the problem-solving required to keep a customer happy.

Although she’s had to give up the night shift (which, believe me, she doesn’t mind), Jessica still enjoys sifting through problems and finding solutions. She has said that the AlkaViva environment makes all the difference in the world. “Everyone here is so nice and it feels so much like a family. It’s really not like having a job at all.”  Most of all, Jessica is proud of the fact that the work she does is making a difference in people’s lives; that it is improving their health and well-being.

Although Jessica hadn’t heard of alkaline ionized water before coming to work for AlkaViva, she started drinking the water (at Level 1 of course) right off the bat on Day 1. Jess said that the changes are subtle, but that it has definitely made a difference with her asthma. She no longer feels thirsty all the time either and says, that although it may not be a big deal to some people, it is really nice to feel that my body is being taken care of and hydrated. “I feel happier overall and I have more energy now that I drink the water (at Level 3 now).

The one thing she would like customers to know is that, “We are here for you. Don’t be afraid to use us as a resource.” Jess would like customers to call her if there Jess and Scarlettare questions. For example, sometimes associates or customers have trouble putting their orders in online; they may not be faJess and Justinmiliar with the software or have missed a little part of the ordering process. In some cases, customers end up placing duplicate or triplicate orders and find out they’ve been charged more than once. “We can take care of that”, Jessica stated, “and would like to do it before they actually click on the order too many times. We are here to help. Utilize us.”

Jessica is a devoted mother and when asked what her favorite hobby is, Jess replied, “playing with my daughter”. Truly…with one of the most entertaining 4 year old’s I’ve seen (we have proof because we’ve seen the videos!). Some of her favorite cuddles come from her 3 Chihuahuas, 2 girls and a boy – just like her family. Jessica says, “It’s kind of funny because Justin’s dog and her dog aJess and Dogre the parents of their daughter’s dog.”

Jessica is an avid reader. She actually makes recommendations for good reads to those of us in the office. She enjoys fiction writing and believes that one day she will be published. Knowing her as we do, her skill, expertise, dedication and determination, we have no doubt Jessica will accomplish her dreams!


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