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Shining the Staff Spotlight on Repair Department Manager – Mario Armenta


Mario - WorkstationIt seems that in the early days AlkaViva advertised on Craig’s List for new employees. It’s a good thing that they did and it’s a good thing that Mario Armenta answered the ad that he saw 6-1/2 years ago.

Coming from a full-time job as a forklift operator, Mario started in the shipping department packing boxes and getting them ready to ship. Since that time, he has worked his way up through the ranks to be the Manager of our Repair Department. No small feat, Mario determined first that he wanted to know how to repair the ionizers. He put his mind to learning and then decided that he could head the department, and has for over two years now.

Mario enjoys AlkaViva for what he says is a “nice and friendly, laid-back environment”. Many of us chuckle because at the speed he works, there is not much “laid back” about what he or his department do! His goal is to get your ionizer tested and out the door, headed to you, within 24 hours.

Mario calls himself “a pretty normal guy”. Almost born and raised here, Mario’s parents moNoe and Marioved here from Mexico 23 years ago to be near family. Married to his high school sweetheart for 13 years, Mario is the father of 4 daughters. He prides himself on being a family man and loves that they all take an annual trip to Disneyland for their vacation.

When I asked him where else he’s traveled, he said that he’s been to Hawaii as part of a Boy Scout troop “back in the day” when he was 12 years old. He enjoyed that trip and was especially pleased that he got to tour the USS Arizona Memorial while learning about the history of the Pearl Harbor attack.

A sports enthusiast, Mario said to make sure to put in the article that he is a supporter of the San Francisco 49er’s and is especially proud of their Quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, because of his roots playing footbMarios girls - Alexandra and Paulinaall for the University of Nevada Reno. Also an avid soccer fan, Mario enjoys the Real Madrid team based out of, you guessed it… Madrid, Spain.

Relaying what he believes is the best information he can pass along to customers returning machines, he said to check your water pressure. “Most of the ionizer problems are pressure related, Mario said. If you don’t have adequate pressure, they won’t work right.” He also wants you to make sure that your filters are changed when they should be and that they are not old and outdated causing wear and tear on the performance of your ionizer.

A special note to Sponsors; when you have a new customer, teach them how to make sure the pressure valve is open as soon as they unpack and hook up their machines. He has a lot of ionizers come in for repair where they simply have not opened the pressure valve and they lose time drinking clean, healthy water while the machine ships back and forth for no reason other than operator error.

“Treat your ionizer like it is a big investment, says Mario, because … it is!”






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