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Successful Leaders


It’s often said that in order to recruit strong prospects, you must display posture and sincerity.  People are drawn to self-confident individuals who are sincere in their interactions. These are traits of successful leaders. Always bear in mind that the majority of your success in approaching others depends upon your body language, your tone, your timing, and your sincerity – all areas that must be dominated first. A strong posture demonstrates confidence. But what is meant by a strong posture? It implies that you:

  • Stand up straight.
  • Smile. You’re an alpha, but you also need to demonstrate you’re friendly.
  • Keep your shoulders and head up.
  • Don’t lean against the wall. A strong person doesn’t need protection.
  • Don’t hold anything in front of your chest.
  • Always speak loud and clear.
  • Lean back. You’re the one getting information. Never lean in.
  • Take up room. Live big.
  • Take your hands out of your pockets. This doesn’t look cool-it looks like you’re insecure.
  • Move slowly. Never pause. Take your time.
  • Speak slowly. Your voice is a mighty weapon.
  • Look individuals straight in the face.
  • Don’t use stupid hand gestures.
  • Know how your body language resonates.

You may be surprised at how your phrasing may imply either confidence or insecurity. Many people convey insecurity by being too polite. They use words such as if, might, could, and maybe in an effort to be polite… in reality, these words often ring of insecurity!

Instead, choose words that send signals of confidence: whenwillwould, and certainly. It’s crucial that people get the sense that you believe in yourself. After all, if you don’t, why should they? I have listed some examples that contrast insecure and confident styles:


Insecure: If I don’t hear from you, I’ll call to see if we may meet.

Confident: I’ll call you next week to see when we may meet.

Insecure: I hope that you’ll find my business suitable for you.

Confident: I’m confident that I can help you.

Insecure: I may be a good choice for you.

Confident: I’m the one for you.

Insecure: Hopefully we may get together to talk.

Confident: Let’s meet to talk.

Insecure: Maybe I might meet with you.

Confident: I’d like to get together with you.

Insecure: Perhaps sometime next week we might find the time to meet.

Confident: Next week is a great time for me to meet with you.


Get the point? If you’re tempted to use a word or phrase that rings of insecurity, STOP! Opt for the confident manner.

Showing sincerity may be a tricky thing. You need to use words and phrases that imply sincerity without you sounding artificial.

These 7 tips will help you express sincerity:

  • It’s all right to begin a few sentences with I, but don’t overdo it. A conversation that becomes too I-focused, is likely to draw a response like, “I, I, I! Doesn’t this guy ever consider anybody except himself?”
  • Utilize concrete terminology. Refer to particulars you’ve learned, you’ve researched, or draw from your own experience. If appropriate, utilize precise numbers, names, and places rather than generalities. For instance, “I can envision a ten percent growth in sales” is much better than “I can envision sales growth in your business.”
  • Speak specifically to the prospect’s goals, challenges, mission statement, or anything that’s relevant to the company. For instance, “I’d like to be a part of opening your eyes to what you can accomplish.”
  • Use the prospect’s name.
  • If you have a humorous tone throughout, break that tone from time-to-time with a comment like, “Seriously, I know I can …” or “Joking aside, there are several issues…”
  • Utilize an assertive (but not aggressive) tone in your closing that lets the person know you’re sincere about wanting them to sign on. For instance, “I’ll contact you next week to follow up on this proposal.”
  • Toward the end of your conversation, say thanks in a simple and honest way. Let your potential prospect know that you appreciate her attention.


Perfecting these skills is a critical component to your toolbox.  Combining these tools with the others that we have provided will help you grow AlkaViva business.

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