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The Art of the Demo … Because Purple Water Sells Ionizers!

There’s an art to this water business. It requires tap or bottled water, AlkaViva water, reagent drops, you and 1 other person. It’s called “Turning the Water Purple”.

Lavonne at Health Fair

AlkaViva Dealer, Lavonne Vaughan – Turning Water Purple at a Health Fair

In the last year or so, there has been a lot of focus on Social Media. Social Media is the way to market your product, there are courses all over the Internet, videos all over You Tube and you can pay consultants to set up your web page, market and track your SEO, Google your analytics, and plan, write and even teach your Social Media marketing ‘How To’ e-book. We’ve gotten accustomed to posting on line and hoping it sells.

But … here’s what the Ionized Alkaline Water industry leaders know…

You can’t sell an ionizer by looking at it’s picture! You have got to see and taste the difference in the water for yourself!

So, as valuable as Social Media has become in our society, face-to-face is still the best way to sell an ionizer, and the best way to sell an ionizer is to focus on making Purple Water

Mike Petrucelli Doing Demo

Mike Petrucelli Turning Water Purple

AlkaViva D3 Dealer, Mike Petrucelli, is one of AlkaViva’s best ionizer sales people and he wants to teach you how to be as effective in your business as he is in his.  “If you are not making purple water regularly…you may NOT be successful selling our product!” 

AlkaViva gives you all the tools, tips and sales techniques you need to put together your own effective presentation.  “Practice it”, he says, “Do it in front of the mirror, in the kitchen with your ionizer, and in front of your family and friends.”



Alexandra-Vajra-Womens Expo - 3-22-14

AlkaViva Dealers Alexandra Theard, and Vajra Farnsworth – Turning Water Purple at Reno’s Women’s Expo

Bill Drevyanko, AlkaViva D3 Dealer and Sales Trainer says, “Don’t wait to become an expert! It’s not going to happen. NOW is the time to get out there and demo the water. Remember…THEY don’t know you’re not an expert!” Bill recommends demonstrating the water to at least 3-5 people a day. But…you say, “I don’t have a place to do a water class!”

Bill and Mike both suggest restaurants, coffee shops, your home, friend’s homes, organized water classes to small groups, large groups or one-on-ones…get out there and DO IT!  Have prospects come and get water from you – your home. Bill says he has seen people carry it in the trunks of their cars and give it out after meetings or public events. Give them a mini-tour of the machines and explain how they work. Make friends as you go – you’ll have contacts to invite for coffee or to a water class. Engage people in the grocery store line into water conversations, especially if they are buying bottled water and you are just standing there watching!

You’ll want to make sure that as you do this business, you have the “leave behinds” that you need to keep generating more and more leads into your prospect and potential customer funnel. To do this, utilize the tools available through your back office Resource Center and make sure you check out and use the tools available through

Cindy Burson - Tucson Med Center - 4-1-14

AlkaViva Dealer Cindy Burson – Turning Water Purple at the Tucson Medical Center

Turning Water Purple will be a huge moneymaker for you and, more importantly, you will have personally given back by helping people improve their lives with the cleanest, healthiest water.




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