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The Exciting Tradeshow / Expo Support Program

Los Angeles FIT Show BoothIf you missed our webinar, you missed the launch of this exciting new program by our CEO, Jay Hare. Here is a recap and the link to the PowerPoint presentation, the Tradeshow/Expo Program FAQ’s, and the Application .

This makes Turning Water Purple even easier!

AlkaViva is ready to help you increase your sales through covering upfront exhibitor booth fees on shows in your area. If you would like to participate in a trade show, expo, health fair or any other event that requires an upfront exhibit fee, AlkaViva will pay that fee for you (show eligibility must be approved by Corporate prior to payment). You would repay AlkaViva through the sales you make at the show. Then, AlkaViva will discount additional product that you can sell directly for profit once the show costs have been made up in sales.

This is a powerful idea and one that has already caught on fast since Monday! There are already 7 shows tentatively booked through September of 2014 and this was as a result of the webinar participants only! You’re going to want to get your show on the calendar as quickly as possible!

To do this, visit the link below, familiarize yourself with the program through the PowerPoint and FAQ’s, and submit your information or questions to Jessica Roberson at

Tradeshow/Expo Program FAQ’s:

Tradeshow Information Resource Page:






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