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Top 10 Reasons to Buy an AlkaViva Ionizer

Premium Ionizer SpreadBy Mike Petrucelli

1. The Best Filtration. Period.

AlkaViva’s UltraWater filter technology is the best filtering system in the ionizer industry as well as the filter industry. The filtration performance has been tested and certified by third party EPA / NELAP  certified labs to remove more contaminants than any other product on the market. We are light years ahead of the competition. REMEMBER: If you are not removing it; you are absorbing it … even more if it’s in ionized, alkaline water!

2. The Best Performance. Proven.

AlkaViva provides the best performing ionizers available in the market place today. The independent lab test results prove that no other ionizers even come close. We have the strongest ORP levels (ed. and H2) v.s. any other ionizers. This has been legitimately tested and proven time and time again.  We welcome all challengers. Watch Video.

3. Protect your investment. The Most Effective and Advanced 1:1 Cleaning System. 

Our models offer the industry’s most advanced 1:1 cleaning technology that protects the water ionizing cell from harmful, performance-decreasing scale build-up. Cleaning is activated every time you use your ionizer. No need for running daily ‘beauty water’ gallons, twice monthly cleaning with citric acid cartridges or having to send it away for annual deep cleaning.  AlkaViva’s advanced cleaning system insures that you consume the most potent clean water each time you use it.

Electrolysis Cell from Enagic SD 501.

Electrolysis Cell from Enagic SD 501 showing excessive mineral scale due to inattention to required cleaning process.

4. The Best Manufacturer; The Proven Industry Leader for Over 40 Years.

AlkaViva utilizes the best technology inside every unit that is sold. After 14 years in the water ionizer business, AlkaViva knows what companies are true manufacturers, rather than just assemblers that buy cheap parts from China. There is power is in the company you keep. AlkaViva’s manufacturers partner on OEM projects with companies like Toyo, Hyundai, Samsung and LG to name only a few. They also have the lowest verifiable return rate in the industry, boast more certifications and notable awards than any other manufacturer.

5. The Industry’s Best Warranty. We Stand Behind Our Products.

AlkaViva ionizers offer you peace of mind by honoring a full 5 yr warranty on parts and labor. We also show the ultimate confidence in our design and manufacturing by warranting the parts in our ionizers for life. We refer to this as our limited lifetime warranty.

6. The Finest Support Team.

AlkaViva’s corporate headquarters in Reno, Nevada has the finest customer service department in the industry. AlkaViva’s commitment to ultimate customer satisfaction has earned an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau. We employ dedicated support staff in two key areas. AlkaViva has Customer Support staff to help you with business questions. We also have Water Quality Association Certified Water Specialists on staff to help walk you through the installation and ionizer operation at no charge.

7. Wide Variety of Power Levels with Customizable Settings.

AlkaViva units have a wide variety of power levels (1,2,3,4) that will allow you to choose low, medium, high and super high water output. We do not utilize inaccurate pH selector buttons (like 8.5 – 9.5) and our “Premium Ionizers” are fully programmable to fit all potable water source needs. Since drinking clean water is as important as alkaline and antioxidant properties, we make sure our ionizers allow for the proper contact time with our UltraWater filters.  All our units have built in water flow control to optimize water filtration quality as well as creating the most potent water properties in relation to your water source.

8. The Best Solutions for Tough-to-Solve Source Water Issues.

If you have tough water that is beyond typical treated water – whether you are on city water, well water or in a high or low hardness area, we can help. AlkaViva has Water Quality Association Certified Specialists on staff to help customize inexpensive,  pre-filter solutions that will ensure the highest quality and best tasting water, while at the same time protecting your investment in your ionizer. We even have laboratory water test kits available if needed.

9. The Only Company That Offers You the Cleanest, Healthiest Water at a Price You Can Afford.

AlkaViva is truly a results-oriented company committed to offering progressive technology that delivers the most affordable healthy water solution products on the planet. We lead the ionizer industry in filtration and technology with the cleanest, healthiest, best tasting water available. We offer products and water solutions that no other company has. We provide and exceptional product line at the most reasonable prices. Period.

10. Certificates & Data.  Links to Just a Few of AlkaViva’s Certificates and Data Below.

NOTE: The ‘certification wars’ are often a red herring … many certificates and awards that other companies boast about are either purchased, made up, or from less than legitimate organizations. All our certificates mean something. All our test data is backed by independent laboratories.

We welcome you to check us out and join our world-wide team of clean and healthy water advocates as a customer or an dealer.

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