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UltraRAD | The Solution for Removing Radio-Isotopes from Tap Water

WaterRADSmInterview with Katrine Volynksy

The presence of radioactive isotopes in our tap water has been a hot topic since Fukushima… and since AlkaViva is committed to clean water solutions, we had to find a reliable solution for our Associates and Customers. We are pleased to announce UltraRAD – a filter cartridge that reduces to non-detectable level the 5 major radioactive isotopes that might be lurking in your tap water … Cesium-137, Iodine-131, Strontium-90 and Radium-226 Uranium-238.

KheadSmall300px 4We had the opportunity to interview Katrine Volynsky, author, trained naturopath, sports nutritionist, and expert in detoxification and functional medicine. As a child, Katrine was impacted by radiation released from Chernobyl, and began her healing journey in her 20’s. She is a library of information on the health effects of low level radiation, how to rid the body of radioactive isotopes, and how to heal the damage caused by it. The following is taken from an interview with Katrine which you can listen to here.

Q: Why should we be concerned about radioactive isotopes in our tap water when the government says they are at safe levels?

There is a gray area of understanding about what is safe and what is not. The linear threshold model says the more radiation you get, the worse it is for your body. However, this model does not distinguish between the man-made particles and those that are naturally present in the environment. Iodine-131, Cesium-137, Strontium-90 are not naturally present in nature … and are more damaging to the body because we have not had time to adapt to them. Natural particles are different. You can’t compare man-made radiation exposure from Fukushima to an airplane trip or a banana! We have adapted to natural particles … not to man-made particles.

Even a small amount of man-made radioactive particles that get into the body and become distributed throughout the muscles tissue and organ systems will destroy the cells around it and create a cascade effect that can throw someone over the edge if they’ve had a lot of exposure to chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins. I deal with these ‘normal’ toxins in my book Staying Alive in A Toxic World. 

So a small amount of radiation can cause cancer or other issues, but from the perspective of the government, it’s not enough to call it an emergency. However, new research is showing that low levels of radiation can create cancer and diabetes in children. The pancreas is very sensitive to radioactive particles. Even a little bit of man-made radioactivity in the body can make a huge difference between someone getting or not getting cancer.

Q: What about the data from the US EPA that can be found at Why should we trust … or not trust … their data?

The sampling I have done is using very expensive, sensitive equipment. We know that radiation from Fukushima – as well as from facilities in the US – is definitely getting into the soil, into food grown in that soil, and into our ground water. The kind of Geiger counters that most people are using cost $600-700 on the internet, and these are not sensitive enough to distinguish the different types of radioactive particles. They are picking up small increases in background radiation, but can’t show that it is made up of higher amounts of cesium-137, strontium-90 or iodine-131. And you can’t point a typical Geiger counter at a food or water to measure radiation. We use a very specialized device that cost $17,000 called the Identifier, and we are showing levels of the man-made radio-isotopes that are higher then normally found in the environment since Fukushima. 

Q: Is the presence of radioactive isotopes in our drinking water being portrayed accurately?

There’s no way around it. We have radioactive isotopes in our water. The concentration varies because of environmental conditions … drought, rain, snowfall, storms from the Pacific. People who live in Hawaii or the West Coast are getting the most impact from Fukushima, but other areas also have reported contamination. Unfortunately there was not much tracking being done prior to Fukushima, so we don’t know how much of an increase we have experienced.

I recommend watching this video that dramatically shows how much atmospheric testing has taken place world wide over the last 60-70 years. There is simply no doubt that man-made radioactive isotopes are in our environment. And there’s no assurance that Fukushima will not become a major event at any time since Reactor #4 is still not contained 3 years after the initial event. It’s a good idea to be prepared – take control and protect your water – because we know it is present below the MCL levels set by the EPA, and could spike at any time without anyone knowing it since the levels vary with environmental conditions.

Q: Can you address how ionized water can help the body deal with the probable radiation load we all experience?

Ionized water is a huge factor for repairing cell damage because it gives the body access to antioxidants, protecting and repairing DNA that is damaged by radiation. My healing protocol has 4 Steps … Remove, Repair, Remineralize and Recalibrate. Drinking ionized water helps the body because it donates electrons to repair the damage to DNA. It is better than antioxidants from food or supplements because it’s immediately available, no digestion or absorption required. People who have gut health problems don’t get the benefit from typical antioxidants.

It’s also a contributor to hydration – you must be hydrated in order to heal, and hydrating with structured, micro-clustered ionized water is most effective. Your body has to have adequate water at the cellular level to get the toxins out of the cell and bring in new material. Structured, ionized water is one of the most amazing things for healing. It also contributes to remineralization since ionized water delivers more bio-available minerals to the body. Ionized water is a cornerstone of my healing protocol for these reasons.

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